America's Civil War is thought by many as a turning point from which our great Nation grew, from 1865 until 2008, to be the world leader in personal prosperity, individual freedom, and political and military influence. Its history is rife with tales of enormous faith in our Nation, of courage, boldness, and personal daring by men of both the North and South. Many histories tell of positioning and maneuvering massive armies. These books are of small units which speak of daily life, the agony and immense courage of individual soldiers. Others wonder if America's Civil War was needlessly forced at the barrel of rifle and cannon, in the Communist-like idea of a huge central government overwhelming individual freedoms. If so, of course, it would be far opposite that which was established by our wise founders.

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At right is Col. Gilbert Hathaway, Commander, 73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Col. Gilbert Hathaway